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Quito is the capital of Ecuador. It was founded in on the ruins of an ancient Marot viki casino twist city. Today, two million people live in Quito. Quito lies between two mountain ranges and its altitude is 2, m 9, feet.

It may take you a couple of days to get accustomed to the altitude. Quito marot viki casino twist roughly divided into three parts: The greatest concentration of tourist facilities is in the North. Quito's Old City is the largest in the Americas. It has undergone a huge restoration and revitalization program over the last decade, mainly financed by the Inter-American Development Bank.

It boasts no fewer than 40 churches and convents, 17 squares and 16 convents and monasteries. It's been called the 'Reliquary of the Americas' for the richness of its colonial- and independence-era architecture and heritage.

It's a great quarter to wander, with several excellent museums and plenty of restaurants and terrace and courtyard cafes for a rest while sightseeing. Modern, northern Quito on a map, up until the southern tip marot viki casino twist the old airport - now called Parque Bicentenario is a fun place to explore, with plenty of museums and urban marot viki casino twist as well as restaurants and nightlife.

The southern and northern visit web page Parque Bicentenario up districts marot viki casino twist the city are more working class and seldom visited by tourists. Be prepared to speak some basic Spanish in order to get along.

Quito is an excellent city in which to learn Spanish before heading off to other places in Marot viki casino twist America. The Spanish article source in Quito is very marot viki casino twist and it is spoken slowly as compared to coastal areas.

There are many excellent Spanish schools, where you can have private or group lessons very economically. Marot viki casino twist schools will also arrange homestay accommodation which is convenient, inexpensive and a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the culture and try the local food. Very few locals speak English except in the touristy areas of North Quito which includes "La Mariscal" quarter, where most tourist businesses are located.

La Mariscal occupies several square blocks in North Quito and is the place to be if you wear a marot viki casino twist. Bars, restaurants, hostels and internet cafes abound. Young people from many countries tend to congregate there. Ecuador, especially the Sierra region that includes Quito, is read more a very conservative society. This is reflected in manner of dress.

People of all socio-economic backgrounds tend to dress up in Ecuador. For men, this means a pair of trousers and a button down shirt. For women, slacks or dresses are acceptable. Men and women seldom wear short pants in Quito, although in recent years casual clothes have become somewhat more accepted especially among the young and on very hot days. Some popular nightclubs and restaurants enforce a dress code. Lastly, remember that Quito is said to have "all four seasons in a day".

Once the sun goes down it can get downright cold. Dressing in layers is a good idea. The standard weather forecast just doesn't suit Quito. It's tropical location, altitude, and surrounding mountains make it a city of microclimates and intra-day variations. If you see rain forecast for every day of your visit, it doesn't usually mean a full day or rain, or even that it will rain in the part marot viki casino twist the city you are visiting.

Take an umbrella - dress in layers. The South American Explorers Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to marot viki casino twist independent travelers in Ecuador and South America. Their office, at Jorge Washington y Leonidas Plaza in the Mariscal district of Quito right off of 6 de Diciembre is a great place to stop by, meet people, and get the latest information on where to go, read article to avoid, and on adventure travel.

You can find out more about the services they offer on their website. There is an annual membership fee for this non profit organization. The Quito Visitors' Bureau has several information centres around the city. This includes helpful staff, lockers for leaving bags, maps, leaflets and books for sale, a store of Ecuadorian crafts. This offices offers subsidised guided tours, with various routes available.

The contacts for the main office are: Some of these flights continue to or originate from Guayaquil. It has one of the longest runways in Latin America at 4, m long. The airport is modern and well organised, marot viki casino twist domestic and international sections all contained within the one terminal building.

All arrivals domestic and international are funnelled into the baggage claim and landside area and have to clear security before joining another flight. There is a single large VIP lounge upstairs in the international area, airside. It has partnership agreements with some airlines, and paid admission. It has showers, and a rest area, choice of drinks and selection marot viki casino twist food. There is a restaurant airside in each of the international and domestic segments, and a selection of shops.

There is a TGI Fridays landside. Across the road from the terminal is an airport centre. There is a broader marot viki casino twist cheaper selection of restaurants here, as well as a food court. There is some souvenir shopping and a handful of general shops. There is a taxi kiosk to the left of the information desk on the arrival floor.

Inside the terminal building, but landside after exiting baggage claim. Destinations are listed with fares. The marot viki casino twist can tell you which zone is for you hotel and the right fare for you. You'll get a slip of marot viki casino twist, that you take to the rank controller, and you'll pay the taxi driver on arrival. Complete bus schedules, as well as trains and domestic flights, are at [2]. Fares depend on where you're going.

So if for some reason, your bus trip takes double the time to get to your destination, for whatever reason damaged road, too much traffic, etc.

Still, the same safeguards apply: People will probably shout at you asking where you are going. They either work for a bus company and want to get you to buy a ticket with that company or want to help you find the bus you are looking for in exchange for a tip. If you arrive with a lot of luggage it's best to avoid the public transportation system in Quito and take a taxi to your hotel.

Ecuadorian long-distance buses will generally let passengers off anywhere along their route. There are 3 independent marot viki casino twist of buses, that have enclosed stations - the stops are roadside platforms, covered with entrances where you pay your fare on the way in. There are a few transfer stations, buy most transfers involve exiting the station. These lines follow north-south-lines down through the heart of Quito, and they have stations close to La Mariscal where most hotels are located.

Tahere is no tradition of waiting for people to disembark before people board, so this may take some getting used to. The buses are among the cleanest of South America, but still, be aware of pickpockets! Taxis are generally an easy and cheap way to travel around Quito. In the main city areas you won't wait more than a few seconds for a taxi, and if they see you by the roadside they will flash their lights as they approach if they are free. However, Quito traffic can make them a slow way to travel at times.

Safety is a much discussed issue with Quito taxis, and the local authorities are trying their best to improve their reputation, by installing cameras and tracking in taxis. However, some care should be taken. Most hotels, restaurants and tourist establishments will call you a taxi that they have approved as safe and legitimate. You won't wait more than a minute or so. It is a standard service for tourists, and you won't get a second look for asking. If unsure about a taxi, call your hotel and they can generally have a safe taxi dispatched to your location.

Easy Taxi is the most used app for taxis in Quito, and marot viki casino twist the taxi you are using. If you decide to flag down taxis on the street, then only use official taxis yellow with a number painted on the door.

At night or if they refuse to, negotiate the price before getting in, or wait for the next. Carry small denominations of money and have exact marot viki casino twist for your taxi fare. If you do not have exact change, taxi drivers conveniently won't be able to make change for you and will try to convince you to make the change a tip instead. When click here a taxi be sure you are aware of the fastest route; if a driver is using the meter he may take the scenic route.

There have времени my bet casino амбару instances of taxi drivers pulling weapons on tourists and steal their money, cameras, etc. Secuestro express express kidnapping is a crime that taxi drivers marot viki casino twist committed. It may make you feel check this out knowing that in most parts of Quito Marsical and Old Town during the day the taxi will rarely go much faster than walking pace, and would struggle to make a rapid getaway.

The railway station is at the south end of the old city, close to the El Trole route. Marot viki casino twist railway is very rundown and services are erratic. It's best to check with the Visitors' Source on the most recent timetable. You can rent a car in Quito, but it's not recommended for getting around the city.

It's not worth the effort with taxis so cheap. Renting a car is a possibility for exploring further afield, to the Cotopaxi or Otavalo or Papallacta areas, for instance, but marot viki casino twist only recommended for those who speak a bit of Marot viki casino twist and can handle the tension of Ecuador's 'lax' driving rules.

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