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Golden palace casino in antigua #1 South African Online Casino - Online Gambling Guide

One evening in November in the lobby of London's Landmark hotel, where please click for source elusive operator of the world's largest online casino is about to appear, the banker's words ring true.

The few people in Internet gambling who have met the operator refuse to talk about him. His organization, scattered around the globe under names like Cassava Enterprises and Virtual Holdings, hasn't responded to e-mail.

It took weeks just to learn his identity amid rumored ties to the Russian mob and porn money. He never talks to the press. Any minute now, the operator will arrive, probably in a Rolls Royce, wearing gold chains, with bodyguards in tow. Big won't show golden palace casino in antigua at all. Then, in strolls John Anderson. With shaggy brown hair and round wire-rimmed glasses, he looks vaguely like John Lennon. He is alone, buttoned-down, and speaks golden palace casino in antigua the flat, clinical precision of an accountant--which, as it happens, he golden palace casino in antigua. Those rumors of mob or porn ties are, by all accounts, nonsense.

Sipping soda in the Landmark's lounge, Anderson explains how the lessons of 26 years as a respected gaming and hotel executive molded the company he now runs, an amazing profit machine called Casino-on-Net. Anderson, at 52, has found an especially sophisticated way to tap a lucrative vein of stay-at-home bettors. Actually, there are a few flaws. Congressional critics have been thundering against the moral scourge of online gambling, pressing for tougher laws, and even accusing Internet casinos of laundering money for terrorists.

Golden palace casino in antigua point is that Anderson's industry has a monumental image problem, which poses a mortal threat to his money machine. And so he has embarked on one of the biggest long shots in business today: He's trying to clean up the online gambling industry.

He's lobbying for regulation--anathema to many of his colleagues--in hopes that a "legalize it, regulate it" message will stave usa new online casinos the authorities. But more fundamentally, he is golden palace casino in antigua to show, through the exacting and open way he's building his own business, that online gambling is not just the shadowy province of hustlers, ex-cons, and the occasional fugitive.

Dragging the industry into the daylight won't be easy. But a lot is at stake. Anderson has already made some headway. It's a billion-dollar business--at least. Casino-on-Net was conceived in at, of all things, a dentistry convention. True, it was in Monte Carlo, and golden palace casino in antigua among the baccarat tables and roulette wheels, Israeli dentist Aaron Shaked concluded that a Web casino could be more rewarding than pulling molars.

He brought the idea to his brother, who knew a pair of computer engineers. Hundreds of sites offering more or less golden palace casino in antigua same games and a similar look and feel launched at about the same time, but what quickly set Casino-on-Net apart was that it poured most of its profits into developing a highly sophisticated Web marketing system.

Its real-time tracking software, developed by graduates of Israel's famed Technion institute, monitored the results of banner ads and pop-ups on thousands of websites simultaneously and could instantly boost the company's presence on productive sites while dumping laggards.

As rivals squandered millions on offline advertising and fancy websites, Article source trained this powerful technological vacuum on a hunt for the sizable fraction of the population that likes to gamble frequently. The bets rolled in. More than 7 million people have downloaded Casino-on-Net game software.

The company currently has aboutactive customer accounts. By early the founders realized they needed a seasoned manager, and turned to Anderson. His first job, at age 12, had been delivering hot buns at 3 a. In the late s, he sang and played guitar in a rock band that had one immortal moment: It was on the same bill as a group that included future members of Led Zeppelin--and Anderson's band was the headline act.

But his real gift lay in a knack for numbers, and it won him a cashier's job at Ladbrokes, the gaming giant that transformed two-bit bookmaking into a respected business with betting parlors all over Http:// He rose quickly, moved over to the hotel side of the business after Ladbrokes bought Hilton Group PLC, and wound up running the company's real estate division.

He left in and later led golden palace casino in antigua buyout golden palace casino in antigua Burford Group, source of London's landmark Trocadero retail complex. Through business contacts in Israel, he met Casino-on-Net's ultra-private founders. They may have checked out, but a lot of people golden palace casino in antigua the business did not--especially down in Antigua, where Casino-on-Net had its license.

A lovely little Caribbean spot with lax extradition laws and a carefree attitude toward games of chance, Antigua had become the main global headquarters of online gaming--the Vegas of the virtual world. It also had attracted a cast of characters that anti-online-gambling forces could hardly help but notice. There's Jack Stroll, for instance. A marketing whiz from Montreal, Stroll founded Golden Palace, considered the second-largest Web casino, in Antigua golden palace casino in antigua In the mids, Stroll a.

Jack Strulovitch ran a boiler room that promised respondents fabulous prizes that turned out to be near-worthless junk, Canadian authorities say. A Toledo, Ohio, bookmaker jailed in for racketeering, Scott was charged in by U. He's been a fugitive since. Steve Adkins for a time headed the Online Players Association. His real name, it turns out, is Sam Alvin Ashley Jr. His criminal past allegedly includes passing counterfeit cash and bad checks.

Golden palace casino in antigua was nabbed in by Ohio authorities after golden palace casino in antigua years at large and is currently in jail awaiting sentencing for tax evasion and defrauding a charity he once ran.

Stroll says he pleaded guilty in the telemarketing case to avoid the trial expense and denies doing anything improper. A spokesperson for Scott says he has sold InterCasino; the new owners couldn't be reached for comment. Ashley also couldn't be reached for comment.

Meanwhile, sleazy if aboveboard operators keep rolling in. The brazenness of the Antigua crowd fueled the U. Accepting sports bets electronically is expressly barred by law. The legality of online casinos is a murkier question. The Justice Department says they're illegal, but a federal appeals court ruled in November that they aren't banned by current statute.

The unsettled state of the law is the reason Anderson and golden palace casino in antigua online casino operators have to date not been charged with any crimes. It has also prompted Rep. Jim Leach, R-Iowa, and several allies to propose legislation that would effectively ban any form of Internet gambling. Anderson knew when he came to Casino-on-Net that he would never hold off the prohibitionists if he didn't distance himself from the business's seedier elements.

That helps explain why, on a recent blustery afternoon, he came to be chain-smoking Marlboro Lights in temporary offices at the base of the Rock of Gibraltar. By this summer, Casino-on-Net will have relocated its nerve center to the British territory of Gibraltar. Gibraltar is check this out offshore haven too, but it's far more reputable than most.

It also provides Anderson with several practical business advantages, including modern communications systems. Its online licensees include Ladbrokes. Anderson is building a 20,square-foot headquarters in Gibraltar with sweeping views of the Mediterranean. There'll be employees staffing a hour customer check this out center and maintaining a server farm with computers.

No other online casino has ever had that kind of technological muscle, according to people in the industry. Though the facility is only half-finished, Anderson has a fully formed vision of the business model it will house.

Online gaming, he believes, is as close as anyone has come to the much-hyped ideal of the virtual corporation. It scales like crazy--overhead hardly changes whether you havecustomers or million. Adding to the product line usually requires no more than tweaking some software code.

And Anderson has the ultimate edge shared by gaming operators everywhere: The house golden palace casino in antigua wins in the end. Yet Anderson's greatest asset, people who know him 888 casino for android, is a mastery of the most crucial skill in gaming: In Las Vegas it's called "stroking" the customer, and it's done with a stream of freebies, from poker chips to cocktails.

Anderson can't pass out cocktails over the Web, but with his background in gaming and hotels, he has a natural instinct for how to relate to his "punters" and keep them coming back, even if they're losing.

And he's figured out how to use the power of the Web to forge bonds with players that an offline casino can only dream of. It's also why its key software, which checks response rates to ads on thousands of sites daily so Casino-on-Net can target its spending, is a critical competitive edge.

Holding onto the ones you find is the real name of the game. That's where Anderson's customer reps play a pivotal role, monitoring golden palace casino in antigua electronically and interacting with them by e-mail and sometimes by phone, stroking assiduously.

Casino-on-Net reps go through six weeks of intensive schooling. That's a problem for Casino-on-Net, because bad experiences travel fast on the Web. The solution, Baloulian tells the golden palace casino in antigua For clues about how to show customers a better time, company marketers comb a database with detailed betting histories and biographical information for all 7 million people who've visited the site.

If a player logs in on his birthday, Casino-on-Net is likely to send out an instant "Happy Birthday" e-mail or a gift of bonus money to gamble with. A player golden palace casino in antigua a losing streak may receive e-mail tips on how to win. The technology also allows Anderson to continuously poll his players for their opinions, and statisticians scour the data to detect any subtle shift in player behavior or tastes.

The level of personal care Casino-on-Net's technology allows it to lavish on players goes far beyond what offline casinos can provide. Baloulian's e-mailed response reads in part: He's been logging on again lately. The very power of the net to find and keep gamblers is one of the reasons that opponents of online casinos want to ban them. Dan Spiegel, the point man on the campaign, stresses the benefits of a regulated online gaming industry, including the fact that it would mean protection for consumers and tax revenues for badly strapped state treasuries.

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